It has now been a month and a half since I became a full time “mompreneur”, and I have been keeping busy with not only putting two toddlers in time out, but also with booking business for next year (thank you Jesus!) and finally taking care of some much-needed home organization projects (I’ll share more on this later!).

Because it’s my lucky number, here are 13 insights/things I’ve learned so far:

  1. The boys are the most demanding and bossy humans I’ve ever worked for, but wiping their butts, catering to their meal requests, and putting up with their irrational behavior all day is more tolerable because, well, they’re two and a half years old.
  2. I’ve exchanged my Equinox membership for one at MyGym and now the three of us get in a good workout. Yes, I am that crazy parent who has to chase the two most energetic toddlers in the class (who also don’t quite get the whole sitting down, waiting their turn, following instructions type structure quite yet), and I laugh when I see two parents or a mom and her nanny feel the need to both participate in the class with their one child [insert eye roll here].
  3. Weekday, daytime drivers are pretty terrible. Afraid to walk at night? Try crossing a street pushing a double stroller and fearing for your lives.
  4. I should’ve spent a little time working out my upper body. I am clearly not conditioned to be picking up and putting down two 30+ pound toddlers all day long. Case in point, I almost dislocated my right shoulder just by trying to pull up my (you guessed it) yoga pants. Pathetic.
  5. My kids show their appreciation for new, home cooked dishes by gagging. Every time.
  6. Washing dishes is much like checking work email. If you take care of each new one that pops up, you’ll never get anything else done. Also, you should never register, buy or accept gifts of baby/toddler cups, plates or any other kitchen item that is not dishwasher safe. So annoying.   
  7. My love for Costco has only intensified. Where else can I get out of the house with two toddlers by myself, take them out of their carseats and straight into a double seat shopping cart, feed them food sample snacks as we move through the warehouse, AND get lunch and a mocha freeze for under $7?
  8. Trying to keep two toddlers entertained for about 12 hours a day and limiting their screen time to no more than two hours is SO HARD! Needless to say, they get more than just two hours a day.
  9. I thought I was more of a morning person. Turns out I’m probably not.
  10. From the looks of my legs you would think I had started playing soccer again because of all of the bruises (unfortunately not from any sort of strenuous, muscle defining exercise), but they’re all thanks to my children who find it funny to ram their little Thomas the Train cart into my shins and from fighting with the double stroller every time I open and close it.
  11. I seem to have lost a little weight (yay!), but mainly because I am on my feet all day long, chasing the boys around, and because I’m lucky if I get in one solid meal a day (and I’m usually standing, eating at the counter).  
  12. While it is very, very true that days feel even longer, time has been going by so so fast and I haven’t regretted for a second my decision to leave the full time day job.
  13. I try to get out of the house every day with the boys (I know, I’m crazy), even if it’s just for a walk, and everyday someone feels compelled to stop & tell me that I have my hands full. To that I say, “you should see my heart.”

photo by Camille Stallings

Cynthia Aceves