2016 was another blessed year filled with its fair share of ups and downs that forced me to do some serious reflection.

In 2016 I had set out to start a blog where I could share stories and experiences about being a twin mom and creative entrepreneur. I wanted an outlet where I could express my thoughts and ideas, connect with other moms, moms of multiples, working parents, parents who struggle to find “balance”, creative entrepreneurs who find running a side or full time business to be the most rewarding yet challenging thing they’ve ever committed to, and many other people with various voices, backgrounds and opinions.

After attending a powerfully motivating business seminar with other creative entrepreneurs, I finally launched my blog and new website in May. I hit the ground running, updating my portfolio and galleries on my event planning site, and blogging almost weekly. Then, well life happened, and I hit a slump. In fact, it’s been over two months since my last post!

I had been so motivated, but realized that I was trying to push forward with my ambitious goals without having made any changes to my current situation. I found myself feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and not knowing how to move forward. I got discouraged. I knew deep down that trying to move forward without those difficult, but necessary changes to the status quo was unrealistic and I was only setting myself up for disappointment. And disappointed I was, but in myself for not being wise enough to recognize it at the time.

Through much-needed reflection especially as the year came to an end however, I was also given an opportunity to finally make some important decisions about what I want for this new year for myself and for my family. I will be sharing what some of those changes are in coming posts (yes, I want you to keep coming back!), but promise it will be soon.

They say you should only look back so that you can see how far you’ve come. So, I plan to dedicate time this year to look back at the work I’ve done with weddings and other events, and share some of those beautiful moments and experiences with you. I also plan on continuing to share more of my personal stories of becoming and managing to survive as a mommy of multiples. I hope you’ll continue sticking around for the ride!

Cynthia Aceves